Klickitat Salmon Fishing

Guided Klickitat Salmon Fishing is a great hands on fishery for fisherman at all levels!!! Being able to hold onto your rod, feeling for a bite and setting the hook makes Klickitat Salmon Fishing one of my favorites and a lot of my clients’ havc said that this is there favorite guided salmon fishing location as well.  Another reason why people love Klickitat River Fishing so much is because they have the opportunity of catching Fall Chinook Salmon (Upper River Bright Fall Chinook Salmon), Coho Salmon and on occasion Steelhead all in the same day and all in the same location.

Guided Klickitat Salmon Fishing

Starting around the 10th of September I start guided Klickitat Salmon Fishing trips for Up River Bright Fall Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River at the mouth of the Klickitat River.  As a salmon fishing guide I use a couple different technique to target fall salmon; hover fishing eggs, which requires a lot of technique / amazing bait and I also trolling. 

There are a lot of fish to be had at the mouth of the Klickitat River, with a lot of boat limits, and the very rare 3 – 4 fish days (it does happen).

Last year had a great Coho Salmon run allowing us to fish into mid November. This year we are expecting another great Coho run as well. The Coho start to show up around the 1st week in October and are very fun to catch as well and the occasional Fall Chinook will latch on while targeting the abundant Coho “Silver” Salmon.

Guided Klickitat Salmon Fishing is a go to fishery for Columbia River Fall Salmon, with an hour and fifteen minute drive from PDX and seems to be a popular destination for those on the “East Side“; tri-cities, Boise, Montana, etc. 

Please feel free to CONTACT ME for more information or if you need help booking your next fishing trip. 

Klickitat Salmon Fishing is a blast, so don’t miss it!!!

Shawn Smuts