2016 Columbia River Fall Chinook Forecast

2016 Columbia River Fall Chinook Salmon Forecast is predicted to be better than 2015.  With a prediction of 951,300 returning Fall Chinook Salmon; 589,000 are predicted to be Upriver Bright Fall Chinook.  Last year, 2015, the forecast was 900,200 returning Fall Chinook Salmon; 500,300 were predicted to be Upriver Bright Fall Chinook.  The actual Fall Chinook return for 2015 was 1.3 million; and 795,900 of those were Upriver Bright Fall Chinook.  With these big numbers I am very excited for 2016 Fall Chinook Salmon Season. 

I will start Guiding Upriver Bright Summer Chinook / Early Fall Chinook Salmon when the Columbia River opens back up for Chinook Salmon retention after Spring Chinook have slowed down.  Summer Chinook Salmon are awesome fish to catch and with the predictions for 2016 I have a feeling it is going to be like last year; excellent.

Buoy 10 in August is going to be another fun year; like last year with a great Fall Chinook prediction.  Columbia River seems to be running cooler this year with all the rain and snow, I hope this will keep the Fall Chinook from stack up this year so early in the season that we don’t burn though the Chinook quota at Buoy 10. This cold water will help push the season out a little longer I hope.  I will start Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing around the 10th of August and will fish into September or until the Chinook quota is met.

After I am done guiding at Buoy 10 for Fall Chinook I will move up river for Upriver Bright Fall Chinook.  Everyone who as fished with me knows how fun this fishery is, even on normal run years this fishery I fish after Buoy 10 is absolutely a blast.  If you want to get out and catch a bunch of salmon, using lighter equipment, a fishery that is very hands on; this would be for you.

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2016 Columbia River Fall Chinook Forecast … Get Out and Fish!!!

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