Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides will agree that Astoria Oregon / Buoy 10 is the best places to fish on the West Coast. Located 10 miles east from where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Astoria, OR is a prime spot for Salmon Fishing, Sturgeon Fishing and Steelhead Fishing. As a professional fishing Guide, Astoria is one of the greatest places to fish in the summer.

Catch & Release Sturgeon –

For me, Guided Sturgeon fishing trips start the 1st of June and will continue into July.  Astoria Sturgeon are an absolute blast to catch. They fight extremely well and are very healthy fish compared to Bonneville pool Sturgeon.  Most days you catch so many Sturgeon you lose track of how many you actually caught.  There are many areas out front of Astoria where you can find these prehistoric fish. One of my favorite things about guiding for Sturgeon in Astoria is that am able use light gear.  Guided Astoria Sturgeon trips are for people who want to get out and catch a bunch of fish!

Astoria Oregon Fishing GuidesColumbia River Salmon Fishing –

Guided Salmon Fishing Trips start on the 1st of August on the Columbia River.  Most years the 1st of August can be lights out fishing. It really depends how the salmon fishing is leading up to the opener.  During the month of August you will find me fishing in Astoria Oregon from Buoy 10 to Tongue Point and everywhere in between.

Columbia River Tides…

Tides are everything for Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides! It is ultra critical that I am at the correct location during any given part of the tide.  When running guided Astoria salmon fishing charter trips I have to be very strategic. The reason for being strategic is for when there is not an abundance of Salmon in the system. Knowing the tides and where the salmon are going to be during the tide can turn a slow day into a boat limit trip.  Sturgeon fishing is also a tide driven fishery.  Many fishermen found this out in 2016 and 2017 when they struggled to find salmon. 2015, Buoy 10 / Astoria was lights out fishing almost any where you fished and any part of the tide. This was due to the record Columbia River fall Chinook Salmon run in 2015.

Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides2016 and 2017 low salmon numbers made a tough year for some guides and sport anglers.  Many guides though it was going to be a lights out fishery like 2015, but they were mistaken. Placement is everything and if you are 30 minutes off on location you will miss your window to catch. Time this fishery and you can have amazing days catching chrome bright buoy 10 fall salmon.

Weather to expect  for Buoy 10 / Astoria –

Astoria Oregon weather is not the same weather as Portland Oregon.  When Portland is 90 degrees and sunny, Astoria is 65 degrees with morning fog and drizzle.  Wind is another factor, coming from the west everything afternoon.  You will always want to have warm layers and RAIN GEAR, don’t forget RAIN GEAR.  Even if the weather forecast is calling for 100 degrees we still might get wet due to wind chop and boat spray.

There is a lot more to Astoria than just fishing, it is a great place to take the whole family to for vacation.  From amazing beaches, restaurants, historical land marks such as Fort Stevens, Fort Clatsop and The Goonies House AKA The Goondocks.  There are also places within 30 – 45 minute drive. Seaside Oregon and or Long Beach Washington, both of these places are great to visit as well.

Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides & Charters –

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