Guided Tillamook Bay Fishing Fall Chinook SalmonTillamook Bay Fishing in Tillamook Oregon might be one of the greatest places to fish on the West Coast, located in Tillamook, Oregon. Five phenomenal river flow into Tillamook Bay! each one of these rivers are known for great spring Chinook salmon fishing, fall Chinook salmon fishing, Coho salmon fishing and winter / summer Steelhead fishing. Fall Chinook Salmon fishing is the most famous fishery for the area.

The five rivers that feed into Tillamook Bay are the Wilson River, Kilchis River, Trask River, Miami River and Tillamook River. The Nestucca River is very close to Tillamook Bay, but it does not flow into the bay. Nestucca River Fall Chinook Fishing and Steelhead Fishing are considered by most to be part of the Tillamook Bay fishery. Another close fishery to Tillamook Bay is the Nehalem Bay, Nehalem Bay Salmon Fishing is top notch fishing as well. Nehalem Bay Fall Chinook are known to be much larger on average then Columbia River fall Chinook.

Tillamook Bay Guided Salmon Fishing Trips –

Tillamook Bay guided salmon fishing trips start the end of September and will fish into November. You might not be actually fishing the bay in November, but you will be fishing a tributary that flows into Tillamook Bay. Most Tillamook Bay fishing guides who fish the bay troll herring and spinners targeting Tillamook Bay fall Chinook salmon. There are many other techniques and spin offs that Tillamook Bay salmon fishing guides do as well.

The Wilson River and the Trask River are the two largest rivers that flow into Tillamook bay. These two rivers get large returns of fall Chinook salmon. The Trask River and Wilson River are both great river to guide for fall Chinook salmon during October and November. The Kilchis River is a back up river for when the Trask and the Wilson River fishing condition are bad. The Kilchis River conditions usually stay in shape longer and will clear up faster then the Wilson and the Trask.

Tillamook Bay guided salmon fishing trips are a blast! If we are fishing Tillamook Bay or one of Tillamook Bay’s great tributaries. Guided Tillamook Bay fishing trips are hard to beat and it is a beautiful hour and half drive from Portland, Oregon.

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