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Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing is one of the best Salmon Fishing locations in the world, located near Astoria Oregon.  Buoy 10 is an actual navigation buoy for the Columbia River, but for fishing terminology, Buoy 10 Fishing Guides / sport fisherman refer to it as a large area on the lowest part of the Columbia River to be fished.

In fishing terms, Buoy 10 starts near the mouth of the Columbia River, 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean.  This is the western deadline / boundary line for Buoy 10 Columbia River Fishing.  15 miles up the Columbia River you will find Tongue point, which is located on the eastern end of Astoria, Oregon.  Tongue Point is the east boundary line for Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing.   Most years Buoy 10 is opened for Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing and Coho Salmon Fishing on August 1st and will continue into Labor Day. So when you hear Buoy 10 Fishing Guides and sport fishermen refer to fishing Buoy 10 just think large area near and around Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River

Even though Buoy 10 is in the Columbia River, a lot of Buoy 10 Fishing Guides will start there Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing season in the Pacific Ocean.  In July before the Columbia River Buoy 10 fishery is opened for salmon you can find an abundance of Chinook / King Salmon and Coho / Silver Salmon staging up just outside the mouth of the Columbia River.   These Salmon are feeding heavily getting ready to make their journey back home to spawn.

When booking a guided Buoy 10 fishing trip it is important to keep in mind what time of the year these salmon enter the Columbia River. You will find that Fall Chinook Salmon will show up in the Columbia River first, the beginning of August.  These Fall Chinook will come into the Columbia River with the Flood / incoming tides. Most Buoy 10 Salmon Guides will try to target Fall Chinook Salmon until Buoy 10 closes for Chinook retention.  As a Buoy 10 Guide I prefer catching and targeting Fall Chinook Salmon due to their bite and fighting ability, but Coho Salmon are fun as well.

Around mid-August is when you can expect Coho Salmon to show up on hard incoming tides and when we have a normal run of Coho Salmon, you can expect to catch these salmon all the way into mid-September.  Many years when Guiding Buoy 10 I have had problems getting my Chinook Salmon because the Coho are so aggressive and they won’t give the Chinook a chance at your bait.

As a Buoy 10 Fishing Guide I can tell you that there is much more to fishing Buoy 10 than just putting your gear in the water and start fishing. Sure we have had years when we have had record salmon runs and everyone looks like a hero coming back to the dock with a boat limit day in and day out. Then you have 2016, a year when you really need to know how these fish move through Buoy 10.  This fishery is very Complex, a lot of moving parts and can be very daunting if you do not know how to play the Buoy 10 Game!

With everything said, Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing is definitely one of the best Salmon Fisheries in the Pacific Northwest, you can expect a lot of action and to catch fish!  If you are coming to fish just for the day or if you are coming to Astoria for a getaway it is a wonderful place to be.

After Buoy 10 I follow the Columbia River Salmon up stream, and my next stop is actually my favorite fishery and most of clients favorite fishery as well.  I actually book up faster for this fishery then I do for Buoy 10.  This is the mouth of the Klickitat River Fishing and it is up there with Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing Charters!!!

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