Guided Sandy River Fishing Trips

Sandy River Fishing for winter Steelhead might be one of Portland Oregon’s most sought after Steelhead rivers. The Sandy River has an annual return of Sandy River spring Chinook salmon, fall salmon, and summer Steelhead. I concentrate my time guiding winter Steelhead fishing trips on the Sandy River. Starting mid-December guiding for winter steelhead and will continue to guide on the Sandy River into March.

The Sandy River gets a great annual return of Skamania strain winter Steelhead. The Skamania strain winter Steelhead comes from the Washougal River; Skamania Steelhead hatchery. The Skamania Strain Winter Steelhead is known to be a very hardy Steelhead and very aggressive.

Sandy River fishing for winter Steelhead… Sound Fun?!?!

Sandy River Fishing is pretty amazing due to all the different locations one is able to fish. Here is a list of some of the areas for Winter Steelhead Fishing on the Sandy River: Cedar Creek, Dodge Park, Oxbow Park and Dabney Park . Some of these areas fish better than others and it all depends on the time of year and what the water level is at.

As a Sandy River Fishing Guide, I feel that Sandy River winter Steelhead Fishing Techniques are pretty straight forward. This is a very hands on fishery that is either done out of my 18’ Clackacraft Clackamax Drift Boat or done from a top of the line fishing raft.

When on a Guided Sandy River Fishing Trip you will be fishing “Float Fishing” because we are able to cover a lot of water and due to the river bottom being unforgiving. I run a combination of  Winter Steelhead colored jigs and pink worms while Float Fishing, these two are really hard to beat. I will also Side-Drift / Bobber Dog for winter Steelhead on the lower section of the Sandy River. Side Drifting is a great way to cover water and can be very productive. I also like to Back Troll plugs and “Bait-Divers” for spring Chinook as well.

If you are looking for a Sandy River Steelhead Fishing Guide or have any other question please feel free to CONTACT ME. If you would like more information on other river close to Portland Oregon check out the links below. Also check out my FACEBOOK PAGE


Sandy River Fishing … Get out and fish!!!

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