Oregon Fishing Oregon Fishing has some of the best spring Chinook salmon fishing, fall Chinook salmon fishing, Coho salmon fishing, winter Steelhead and summer Steelhead Fishing in the country. There are many of opportunities to catch salmon and steelhead, year around fishing in Oregon state.

The Oregon Coast offers an overabundance of salmon fishing and Steelhead fishing. For instance Tillamook Bay is one area to fish on the Oregon coast, and it might be the most famous fishery that  Oregon Fishing has to offer.

Tillamook County has an overwhelming amount of fisheries with in a short distance from another. The Wilson River, Trask River, Kilchis River, Miami River and near by systems such as the Nehalem Bay / Nehalem River and the Nestucca River.

It is crazy to have so many great salmon and Steelhead Fishing locations for so close to one another!

The Willamette River is another well know location for Oregon fishing. The Willamette is famous for its Willamette River spring Chinook salmon run and abundance of sturgeon.

The Willamette River has numerous tributaries that are home waters for numerous Salmon and Steelhead.  These Willamette River tributaries are fish producing rivers for Oregon as well; the Santiam River, McKenzie River, Molalla River and the Clackamas Rivers.

Lets not forget the awesome Sandy River, a tributary to the Columbia River.  The Sandy River is a great river for Winter Steelhead fishing, Fall Salmon fishing and Spring Chinook Salmon fishing.  The Sandy River is a short drive from PDX!

Astoria Oregon Fishing Guides all probably agree that Astoria Oregon is probably one of the best places to fish on the West Coast, located 10 miles east from where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Astoria is a prime location for Salmon Fishing, Sturgeon Fishing, Steelhead Fishing and Crabbing.  Astoria is a great place to be for a if you are looking to catch a lot of fish. Starting around the first of June for Astoria Sturgeon fishing and Steelhead Fishing.  Guides who fish Astoria will start fishing in the Pacific Ocean usually on the first of July doing Salmon Charters and will follow the Salmon into the Columbia River.  The Columbia River Salmon Fishing in Astoria Oregon usually starts on the first of August.

Clackamas River Fishing offers anglers with an almost year around fishery. Winter Steelhead Fishing between November – March. Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing  in April – June. Summer Steelhead Fishing the beginning of May and will fish through the summer months. Fall Salmon Fishing, both Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon Salmon showing up in September and fishing into November. The Clackamas River is a great Oregon Fishing river!!!

Kilchis River Fishing offers exceptional Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing, Coho Salmon Fishing, Kilchis River Chum Salmon Fishing and Steelhead fishing.  This is a great Oregon Fishing fishery  when other nearby rivers are not at ideal fishing conditions.

Nehalem Bay Salmon Fishing is sometimes over looked when you have Tillamook Bay just a short distance away.  Although Tillamook Bay Fishing is a more popular fishery, it doesn’t make it a better fishery.  Guided Nehalem Bay salmon fishing charters can be absolutely phenomenal salmon fishing. Nehalem Bay is known for producing large fall Chinook salmon, you have a much better chance of catching a 25 plus pound Chinook salmon fishing Nehalem bay then you do fishing the Columbia River.

Nestucca River Fishing is a great Tillamook Bay area tributary. Nestucca River can be fished successfully almost year around. The Nestucca River offers Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing, Summer and Winter Steelhead Fishing.  Winter Steelhead is a very good Oregon Fishing destination.

Sandy River is an awesome Winter Steelhead Fishing River to fish during the winter months.  The Sandy River has so many different locations to fish, launches and take-outs its crazy.  The upper section of the Sandy River is very technical , but provides beautiful scenic waters to catch feisty Winter Steelhead.  Guided Steelhead Trips on the Sandy River is another great bet to the many locations that Oregon Fishing has to offer.

Tillamook Bay has 5 great Salmon and Steelhead tributaries flowing into it, making Tillamook Bay a great Oregon Fishing location.  Tillamook Bay is mostly known for Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing, which it produces some monster Fall Chinook during September and October.  Tillamook Bay and it’s tributaries are a year around fishery, making it an ideal location for any angler.  Tillamook Guided Fishing Trips are a blast!

Trask River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing is hard to beat, and it is another Oregon Fishing winner in my book.  The Trask River has a phenomenal Fall Chinook Salmon program, with great annual returns.  The Trask River produces some monster Fall Chinook Salmon every year and it is not uncommon to hook multiple 20 plus pound fish in one day. This is what makes the Trask River – Oregon Fishing so great!

Willamette River Fishing is one of Portland Oregon Fishing premier fishing destinations.  The Willamette River is a major tributary to the Columbia River. The Willamette River is also one of the few major rivers that flows primarily north and is home to a variety of fish including Spring Chinook Salmon, Fall Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead and Sturgeon.

The Wilson River allows anglers a great opportunity to catch Fall Chinook Salmon, Spring Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Winter Steelhead and Summer Steelhead; just a short drive from Portland, Oregon.  This is one of the most well know Oregon Fishing fisheries, due to having such great runs for Winter Steelhead and Fall Chinook Salmon. Wilson River Fishing is another great Oregon Fishing river.