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guided trask river fishing trips for fall chinook salmonTrask River Fishing is another great river that feeds into Tillamook Bay. The Trask River is well known for its great Trask River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing, Coho Salmon Fishing and its wild Winter Steelhead Run. Trask River Fishing is another popular coastal destination for fishermen who are in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

Guided Trask River fall Chinook salmon fishing trips for Fall Chinook Salmon usually starts the same time as the Wilson River Chinook Salmon Fishing does, around the end of September and will continue fish into December or until the rains mess up the river system (blowing the river out). You are able to catch Coho Salmon while Trask River Fishing; Coho Salmon Fishing starts the beginning of October and fishes into December.

A lot of fishermen do not fish the Trask River for Steelhead, because the Trask River does not have a Steelhead hatchery program. This doesn’t mean you won’t catch a hatchery Steelhead fishing the Trask River. Hatchery Steelhead from neighboring rivers or streams will make take a detour or get lost and find their way into the Trask River. Catch and Release for wild Winter Steelhead can be excellent fishing as well.

The Trask River is small in size, but  is able to handle power boats on the lower section, tide water area of the Trask River.  The rest of the Trask River is fished from drift boat, drift boat fishing is a very fun way to fish. A lot of the water you fish on the Trask River Fishing is hands on; casting floats with eggs or back bouncing eggs.  These techniques are why some many people love fishing smaller tributaries. Guided Fishing Trips for Trask River Fall Chinook Salmon is a favorite for a lot of my clients.

If you have any question about fishing or booking your next fishing trip please feel free to CONTACT ME. If you would like more fishing information on rivers that are near the Trask River or that flow into Tillamook Bay; click on the links below.


Trask River Fishing … Get out and fish!

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