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Willamette River Fishing is one of Portland Oregon’s premier fishing destinations.  The Willamette River is a major tributary to the Columbia River. The Willamette River is also one of the few major rivers that flows primarily north and is home to a variety of fish including Spring Chinook Salmon, Fall Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead and Sturgeon.

The Willamette River has three runs of Salmon, but the Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon is the main focus for fishermen.  Willamette River Fishing is one of Oregon’s best Spring Chinook Salmon fisheries. This is Willamette River’s most anticipated fishery, with the run usually starting in March you will always hear of an early Spring Chinook Salmon caught the beginning of February by an early angler Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing the Willamette River. I concentrate Willamette River Fishing the at the mouth of the Willamette River mid-March and into April. Then I move up the Willamette later in April and into May. When Spring Chinook Fishing is slow in the Columbia or in the Multnomah Channel I will catch and release sturgeon to make a day of fishing even more enjoyable, by catch and releasing a bunch of Sturgeon.

There is a fall run of Chinook Salmon that enters the river, but these fish are not sought after due to the warmer water which affect the bite. The Willamette at one time likely had a larger fall run, however the dams which they cannot pass through and warming of the river, large runs of Fall Chinook Salmon do not exist.

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