Kilchis River FishingGuided Kilchis River Fishing offers Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing, Coho Salmon Fishing, Chum Salmon Fishing and Steelhead fishing. It is one of the five rivers that feeds into Tillamook Bay. The Klichis is one of the smaller rivers that fishes well when other nearby rivers are out of shape, due to heavy rains. This river seems to clear up and drop much faster than the other 4 rivers and it also gets a great run of fall Chinook salmon and Chum salmon. These are a couple contributing factors that makes guided Kilchis River fishing so popular when other rivers aren’t.

When other rivers are blown out… Kilchis River Fishing is it!

Guided Kilchis River fishing trips for fall Chinook salmon starts in October and will continue to fish into December. Another species of salmon that you can catch when on a Klichis River guided fishing trip is Chum Salmon. The Chum Salmon is one of the best fighting salmon, pound for pound, in the Northwest. The Chum Salmon hit like a freight train and will fight to the end.

Kilchis River Steelhead Fishing is not as popular as its neighboring rivers, but it does get a good run of Winter Steelhead and it is a very fishable river when some of the other nearby rivers are not.

Kilchis River Guided Fishing Trips are done from a Drift Boat, because the majority of Kilchis River Fishing is done on the lower section of the Kilchis River and the land surrounding the river is mostly private land. Guided fishing trips on the Kilchis River are a very hands-on; casting, holding the rod, feeling the bite and setting the hook. Most drift boat fisheries are like the Kilchis River Fishing, hand-on as well.

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Kilchis River Fishing … Get out and fish!

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