Wilson River Fishing Wilson River Fishing is very similar to the Washington’s Cowlitz River Fishing; it’s a very well known river. Wilson River Fishing allows anglers a great opportunity to catch Fall Chinook Salmon, Spring Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Winter Steelhead and Summer Steelhead; just a short drive from Portland, Oregon. The Wilson River has plentiful Wilson River Fishing access, since Highway 6 runs along the majority it.

The Wilson River has two main fisheries; fall Salmon fishing and winter Steelhead fishing. Guided winter Steelhead fishing is a very popular fishery. This is because the Wilson River has a great hatchery brood stock program. Wilson River guided Steelhead fishing trips start around the first of December and will fish into April.

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Wilson River guided fall Chinook salmon fishing trips start the end of September.  A lot of this depends on the water levels and the amount of rain. Guided fall Chinook fishing trips on the Wilson River are very popular. Part of the reason why it is popular is it’s an easy drive from Portland, Oregon. Also the Wilson River get a large run of Fall Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon, both of these Salmon can be caught into December on a Wilson River guided fishing trip.

Wilson River spring Chinook fishing is a tough fishery, due to its small run. Even though the Wilson River doesn’t have a large run of Spring Chinook Salmon you have an opportunity. Most people who hook into these Spring Chinook are actuallytargeting Late Winter Steelhead.

The Wilson River has all types of water; tide water to deep up river pools. You are able to drift boat the majority of the Wilson River and use a power boat (Sled) on the Lower Wilson River. This gives anglers a variety of option on how they want to target fish while Wilson River Fishing.

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