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Clackamas River Fishing

Clackamas River Fishing is a tributary of the Willamette River and it is also one of Portland’s prime areas for year around fishing. Clackamas River Fishing offers anglers with a near year around fishery.

Starting with Winter Steelhead Fishing around Mid-November and continue Winter Steelhead Fishing into March. Summer Steelhead Fishing starts around the beginning of May and will fish through the summer months.  Summer months can be tough fishing with all the foot traffic on the river, very low water conditions and warm water temperature on the Clackamas River.

Spring Chinook Salmon fishing starts around the beginning of April and will continue to fish into June.  Then you will have Fall Salmon Fishing; both Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon.  Fall Chinook Salmon will show up first on the Clackamas River around  Mid-August and can be caught into November.  Clackamas River Coho Salmon show up Mid-Sept and will fish though November. The Clackamas River is a great choice if you are wanting to fish close to Portland Oregon.


Clackamas River Fishing... Get out and fish

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