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Washougal River Fishing is one of my personal favorite rivers to guide on.  The Washougal River is located in Southwest Washington, is a small tributary of the Columbia River that has an annual return of Salmon & Steelhead. The Washougal River gets both Summer Steelhead and Winter Steelhead both of which are Skamania Strain Steelhead. This is the same strain of Steelhead that has been planted into other Washington and Oregon tributaries, as well as some of the Great Lakes systems.

Along with Steelhead, the Washougal River has an annual return of Fall Chinook Salmon as well as Coho Salmon. Most of the time I am unable to do Washougal River Guided Fishing Trips for Salmon due to the low summer waters when the Fall Chinook Salmon return to the Washougal River. The Washougal River is one of my favorite rivers to fish because this is where I learned to row a drift boat and fish for Steelhead and Coho Salmon.

Washougal River Guided Fishing Trips are awesome due to the small size of the river, its scenic surroundings and its holding waters you are able to fish. Guided Fishing Trips on the Washougal River are very hands on, always doing something type of fishery; casting floats, drifting eggs, pulling plugs and moving from hole to hole. Although the Washougal River is a smaller tributary it can be a fairly technical river to fish and navigate  in a drift boat, but that another reason why I love Washougal River Fishing. Guided Fishing Trips on the Washougal River are done out of a fully loaded 18′ Clackacraft Clackamax drift boat, which helps make the day even more enjoyable.  Using only the finest rods and reels which add even more comfort to the day on the water.  Top-end equipment is essential for hands on fishing.


If you have any question about Washougal River Fishing feel free to contact me or if you would like more info on other Southwest Washington Rivers check out the links below and enjoy the Washougal River Winter Steelhead video.


Washougal River Fishing … Get out and fish!!!

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