North Fork Lewis River Fishing

North Fork Lewis River Fishing is another great Washington Fishing destination. The North Fork Lewis River has an annual return of spring Chinook, fall Chinook, both winter / summer Steelhead. Some say the North Fork Lewis even gets a return of winter Chinook salmon. This is because fishermen are catching late fall Chinook salmon that are still chrome bright in December.

Guided Fishing on the North Fork Lewis River is a year around fishery. Even though you can find Steelhead in the North Fork Lewis year around, there are definitely prime months where Steelhead fishing is going to be better than others. North Fork Lewis River Guided Fishing for winter Steelhead usually starts Mid-December and will fish through March. The North Fork summer Steelhead fishing is best Mid-June and will fish though July.

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North Fork Lewis River guided spring Chinook salmon fishing starts around april and will fish into June. This river has been known as a top producing spring Chinook River for Washington State.  Guided fall Chinook salmon fishing on the North Fork Lewis River starts Mid-September and will fish into October. Coho Salmon Fishing on the North Fork starts the end of September and will continue to fish through November.

My personal favorite for is summer Steelhead fishing and fall salmon fishing. Guided summer Steelhead fishing trips are nice because of the warm summer weather. Also the beautiful water and fishing from a drift boat. This make summer Steelhead fishing on the North Fork Lewis amazing. Fall Salmon fishing is also a very fun fishery. Hover fishing eggs for fall Chinook salmon in the deeps holes can produce a lot of fish. Later in the season you are able to twitch jigs for Coho salmon. Twitching jigs is a great technique to produce limits of Salmon.

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