Kalama River Fishing Guide

Kalama River Fishing is a great river with an annual return of spring Chinook salmon, sinter steelhead, summer steelhead, fall Chinook salmon and Coho salmon.  Guided fishing trips on the Kalama River offers much more than just fish, the scenic aspect of the Kalama River is amazing in its self. The tall rock cliffs, a beautiful waterfall, lot of wildlife from otters to Bald Eagles is just a little bit that the Kalama River has to offer.

The Kalama River is one of my primary winter guided drift boat rivers in SW Washington. I usually start Kalama River Guided Fishing Trips when the Washougal River closes for retention or when the Kalama River steelhead fishing takes off and has an abundance of steelhead in it. Kalama River steelhead fishing for Summer steelhead begins in the early May, continuing into October. Kalama River winter steelhead Fishing usually fishes from December to March, then the early Summer / spring steelhead start to arrive.

Guided Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing, also known as springers, are one of the most sought after fish in the Kalama River. The Kalama River has very light pressure during the summer months making it a little easier to get fish to bite. Then you have early November when all of the other rivers are not fishing well, and the Kalama River will.  This is usually due to the fact that the Kalama river get a late run of Coho Salmon with a few early winter steelhead. This is why Kalama River Fishing can be a great!

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Kalama River Fishing … Get out and fish!

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