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Nestucca River Fishing is a great Tillamook Bay area fishery. Nestucca River Fishing is almost a year around fishery for Nestucca River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing and Nestucca River Steelhead Fishing, both Winter Steelhead and Summer Steelhead. The Nestucca River is a little farther out from Portland, Oregon then the Wilson River, but the Nestucca River holds its own.

Nestucca River Fishing for Steelhead is a near year around fishery. Winter Steelhead on the Nestucca River show up Mid-November and will continue to fish into April. Early spring is when you will see a transition from Winter Steelhead to early Nestucca River Summer Steelhead. Summer Steelhead will continue into the Nestucca River though the summer months and into early fall.

Nestucca River Fishing offers both Nestucca River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing and Nestucca River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing. Nestucca River Fall Salmon Fishing starts around Mid-September near Pacific City, Oregon and usually peaks Mid-October, but will continue fish into December. The Nestucca River can produce large Fall Chinook Salmon like the Trask River, which makes Nestucca River Fishing popular. The Nestucca River also gets a hatchery run of Spring Chinook salmon; Nestucca River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing can be very fun.

Spring Chinook Salmon takes off around Mid-May and will fish into the beginning of July. The Nestucca River Spring Chinook fishing is a great fishery for targeting both Summer Steelhead and Spring Chinook at the same time.

Both Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Nestucca River is very hands-on fishing. Casting, bouncing, mending lines, feeling the bite and setting the hook is Nestucca River Fishing. The Nestucca River is a Drift Boat River, done out of STS Guide Service 18’ Clackamax Clackacraft Drift Boat.

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Nestucca River Fishing … Get out and fish!

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