Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Forecast 2017

Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Forecast 2017 has a predicted run of 160,400. 

This prediction is 27,600 less Spring Chinook to return to the Columbia River.  As I look at the Bonneville dam count for 2016 spring Chinook; what actually went over the dam for 2016 was only 137,215 and what the 2016 Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Forecast actually had predicted was 188,000.  Lets not forget that in 2015 the Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon return was actually 280,000 which was more than the predicted run. These are just numbers, who knows what will actually happen.

I try not to get too caught up on these predictions. Last year the Columbia River spring Chinook salmon run did not hit the predicted number of returning salmon, but I seemed to do very well.

Again the Cowlitz River spring Chinook salmon return for 2017 seems to be good with a forecast of 21,000.  This is a great forecast and I know last year the Cowlitz did get a great return.  

This seems to be a trend with last years Spring Chinook Salmon run falling short and it will probably be this way for a couple more years. 

I don’t even want to put the run forecast for the Willamette River because the past two year have been a joke.  I try to steer clear of the Willamette River for spring Chinook unless it is just pumping out fish, which hasn’t been the past two seasons.  The Willamette River has a predicted return of  40,000 Spring Chinook Salmon.  2016’s predicted return was around 70,000 but in reality the Willamette River only had a return of 49,000.

These forecast don’t bother me!!! Last year with a run that fell short of its predicted numbers I still managed to do great.

Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Forecast 2017… Get out and Fish!!!

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