2015 Buoy 10 is Over

2015 Buoy 10 is Over!!!  What a great 2015 Astoria / Buoy 10 Fall Salmon Fishing Season!!! I want to thank everyone who fished with me this season down at the mouth of the Columbia River, Buoy 10 / Astoria it was a great! We caught a lot of Salmon this season, had some really good days followed by some grinder days.

Chinook Salmon were thick this year, and they seem to come in even thicker when the Chinook Salmon Fishing retention was put into place. I wish the Coho Salmon came in and would stay, but that wasn’t the case. Not being able to keep Chinook Salmon made it tough fishing because the Coho were hard to find or the Chinook would get to the bait before the Coho had a chance.

I do book up Astoria / Buoy 10 Fall Salmon Fishing extremely fast, so don’t hesitate to book August / September 2016 Buoy 10 Fall Salmon Fishing or you might not get the date you are hoping for.

Now I am moving up the Columbia River for more Salmon catching action and everyone who has fished with me past years knows how good the Fall Salmon Fishing can be.

Get outside and Go Fishing!!!