Guided Wind River Fishing Trips for Spring Chinook SalmonGuided Wind River fishing for spring Chinook salmon is a great place to fish, surround by the great Cascade Mountain range in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  The Wind River is located on the Washington side of the Columbia River and is a tributary of the Columbia River. The Wind River get an annual return of Columbia River spring Chinook salmon and steelhead.

Guided Wind River Fishing is a great place to target Columbia River spring Chinook salmon, during the months of April and May. This seems to be the best time to for spring Chinook salmon because there are usually good number of salmon at the mouth of the Wind River.

Wind River guided fishing trips are done from my 25′ Willie Raptor boat. I us different salmon fishing techniques while targeting spring Chinook Salmon; trolling various baits and lures. The mouth of the Wind River boundary line extends into the Columbia River giving anglers a chance at not just the Wind River run of spring Chinook.  You must be careful because the wind an current has a tendency to pull your boat out and beyond the fishing boundary.

The Wind River has a similar effect as Drano Lake; spilling cool snow melt water in the Columbia River giving Steelhead and Salmon a place to cool off and rest.  Steelhead fishing can be great at the mouth of the Wind River, I don’t target these fish because I am Salmon fishing elsewhere.

Wind River spring chinook salmon fishing is another go to fishery, within an hour drive from PDX. It also seems to be a popular destination for those who are on the east side of Washington.

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Wind River Fishing … Get out and fish!!!

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