Guided Drano Lake FishingAs a Drano Lake Fishing Guide I have to say, Drano Lake is a great place to fish in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side of the Columbia River. Drano Lake is well known for its great Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Sport Fishermen starting fishing the 1st of April for spring Chinook salmon and fish into November for Steelhead / fall salmon. Drano is fed by the Little White Salmon River, making it a cold water paradise for Spring Chinook Salmon, Summer Steelhead, and Fall Salmon. These fish seek cold water when the Columbia River is running at a higher temperature. The Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon is probably the most sought-after species fished for at Drano Lake.

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing…

Guided Drano Lake fishing trips usually start with Columbia River spring Chinook salmon in the last week of April. Once the lower Columbia River has closed for spring Chinook salmon retention. Drano Lake spring Chinook salmon seem to fight harder than spring Salmon on the lower Columbia River maybe due to the soft current flow and that the fish are rested. Targeting Drano Lake spring salmon I use many different techniques, which seems to vary each day.  I will run guided fishing trips at Drano Lake for spring salmon though out May.

Once the spring Chinook salmon fishing has slowed down I leave Drano Lake to find Columbia River summer Chinook salmon. These guided trips are done downstream of the Bonneville Dam. Just because I leave Drano to fish Summer Chinook Salmon doesn’t mean that Drano Lake Fishing is over.

Summer Steelhead Fishing…

Summer Steelhead should start trickling into Drano Lake when Spring Chinook fishing starts to slow down. Steelhead are caught at Drano Lake, mid-June and will continue to being caught into October. Drano Lake Steelhead fishing is a blast, during the day or night. My favorite time to fish summer Steelhead is at night that is just my personal preference. There are many different techniques for Drano Lake steelhead fishing and some techniques seem to do better than others.

Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing…

Around the 1st of September you will see a mix of anglers at Drano Lake. Some of these anglers will be Steelhead fishing, and others will be Fall Salmon Fishing. Drano Lake fall Chinook salmon fishing is done during the day and can be excellent fishing.

Drano Lake is another great fishery for Salmon and Steelhead. Around an hour drive from Portland Oregon makes this a great destination. For those people on the “East Side“.  If you are looking for a Drano Lake Fishing Guide keep me in mind, this is my most popular spring Chinook fishery and I do fill up quick.

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Drano Lake Fishing… Get out and Fish!

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